Board Excellence

Board Excellence is a board consultancy practice, operating across all sectors & scale in the UK and Ireland, specialising in Board Reviews/Board Evaluations which most companies (all AIM Companies) are now encouarged to do either internally or externally.

First Flight partners with Kieran at Board Excellence.

Boards and individual Directors can excel in effectiveness, performance and Corporate Governance and Board Excellence supports Boards in Listed companies, state and non-profit organisations across all sectors & scale in Ireland and the UK.

Board Excellence’s core approach is based on enabling the Board to excel as a high-performance team utilising a strong foundation of a genuine partnership between Non-Executive Directors and Executive Directors, balancing strong oversight and adding strategic value, to deliver outstanding value to shareholders & stakeholders.

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Marianne Macdonald / Non-Executive Directorships Consulting

Marianne offers a bespoke service for individuals who wish to pursue a Non-Executive Director career. Based on her background as a Non-Exec Headhunter at The Zygos Partnership, then one of the leading UK Non-Exec recruiters. Marianne works closely with senior business people in a range of ways aimed at optimising their chance of getting a NED role and speeding up the process.

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Association of Financial Mutuals

We are the only Search agency that has been awarded Associate Member status by the AFM becuase of our understanding of the NED role in financial organisations.

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ShareSoc represents and supports individual investors who invest in the UK stock markets

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Board Intelligence

Board Intelligence specialises in developing board information, to stimulate the right conversation in the boardroom and enable informed decision making.

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Gregg Latchams

Paul Hardman at Gregg Latchams is a corporate and commercial lawyer and specialises in advising Directors including Non Execs on Governance and Director duties, appointment terms and service agreements, and pension issues.

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CIMA is the world's largest and leading professional body of management accountants. Our mission is to help people and businesses to succeed in the public and private sectors.

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BP&E Global

Delivering a complete range of services to help Boards meet their full potential. BP&E Global services:

Good Governance - the foundation of great Boards, make sure you have the right structures and procedures to   support your Board.

Board Reviews - a bespoke approach to analysing how best to help your Board to perform to its potential.

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MindLeap / Caroline Evans

Caroline Evans, as the founder of MindLeap, undertakes collaborative projects promoting and facilitating the growth and development of the corporate governance agenda. Caroline connects with anyone who wants to up their game in the Boardroom from individuals who are exploring non-exec directorship careers to external advisors, shareholders and any other stakeholders.

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