Non-Executive Directors can make or break companies as we saw with the Banks – where were the Non Execs?

The answer is that they probably had the wrong Non Execs on their Boards; the wrong Non Execs can destroy decades of hard work for a company and damage their growth prospects. Coutts research shows that "56% of companies do not feel confident of getting good performance from their Non-Execs" most likely because the wrong process was used and the wrong Non Exec was appointed.

This is why First Flight invests around 100 hours into the recruitment of a Non-Executive Director for each client to ensure: 

  • they understand what skills & competencies they need
  • they get a choice of well screened and suitable candidates
  • a NED is appointed who has the expertise, attributes, time & inclination to understand the business and add value.

It's when companies cut corners to try to reduce the amount of time or the cost of hiring a Non Exec that they run into problems. Companies who try and do this in-house or on the cheap often end up paying a hefty price by getting the wrong Non-Exec.

First Flight, with 8 years' experience completing many Non Exec projects knows that you cannot find and attract the right Non Exec without a smart and powerful recruitment strategy.

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