In addition to providing clients with the best Chairs and Non-Executive Directors who have the time available to be truly effective, First Flight provides the following expert analysis of the composition, structure, commitment and remuneration of your Board and its alignment to your strategic goals. First Flight Pre-Search Services:

  1. 1. Skills analysis

    We work with you to ascertain what skills your Board requires to achieve your objectives, what skills you currently have around the Boardroom table and where the gaps are. We cover functional and technical expertise, industry/market knowledge, key event experience, hard and soft skills, formal and informal roles within the Board and how the Board contributes to diversity goals.

  2. 2. Succession Planning

    We work with you to produce a succession plan for your Non Execs. We examine the specific skills they have, their input, how many other roles they have, their tenure and re-election dates, and what sort of Non Execs your Board will benefit from and who we can provide you with in the future.

  3. 3. Remuneration Benchmarking

    We can provide a Board benchmarking service comparing your company with organisations that you see as your closest peers. Metrics include: Chair and NED remuneration, Chair and NED time commitment and involvement, Board size and diversity and Sub-Committee structure. As part of this service we recommend what you should pay your Non Execs.

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