Boards look for a range of skills, experience, expertise, business acumen and personal qualities. Although the blend varies with each assignment, the most common categories are:

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Although a lot of the “ideal” Board” criteria are aimed at larger and listed companies, other organisations should also strive for “best practise” where possible and start out in the way they want to continue.

Boards are spending more time in answering the crucial question of what skills and qualities they need to enable their company to be successful; some analysis such as a Board Evaluation (either internal or external) should be carried out to ascertain the required composition of the Board.

Nowadays, IP rights like patents and trade marks should no longer just be seen as being defensive or offensive tools that businesses can use against competitors to stop copycats in their tracks.

As a Non-Executive Director of a growth company, you’ll know that you have to evaluate the performance of the senior executives (and their cost too), but there are other critical, often legal, HR agenda items

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