Selecting the right Non-Executive Director isn’t just a question of their core skills and sector experience. Culture and personality are also vital. The right culture and personality will ensure they match the current culture of your Board.

Sangita Shah, Chair – Kinovo plc

“I believe having the right Non-Exec Director is absolutely critical to the future. The Board sets the tone and direction for the entire business going forward. With the wrong sort of chemistry and the wrong sort of challenge, what can happen is distrust, discord and a lack of direction – and the entire business fails. But if you get the right NED, you can fast track. It’s made a phenomenal difference.”

That’s why we go to great lengths to get to know your company and leadership team and why we set clear, measurable, criteria to ensure we are bringing the best candidates who can really add value.

Sangita sums up our approach:

I think First Flight Non-Executive Directors are the go-to place if you are genuinely serious and recognise the importance of getting the right NED on to your Board."

“You do not get this level of emotional engagement, commitment and professionalism from a standard recruitment consultant. First Flight are personable, and they genuinely want you to succeed. They understand what you need and ensure you get there.”

Watch Sangita talking more about why she values our work below

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