First Flight Non-Executive Directors have recently become a preferred partner of the London Stock Exchange Issuer Services Marketplace as a provider of Chairs, Non-Execs & Advisory Boards to smaller quoted companies on the Main Market & AIM companies. The issuer services platform is central to London Stock Exchange’s commitment to fostering connectivity, partnership & innovation.

 The LSE listing rules are changing in September 2018 and one new requirement will be for all AIM Companies to comply with a Code: either the UK Corporate Governance Code or the Quoted Company Alliance (QCA) Code (which we have had some input with) which encourage companies to have truly Independent Non-Execs and Board Diversity.

‘The board should have an appropriate balance between executive and non-executive directors and should have a least two independent non-executive directors.’

‘The board should have an appropriate balance of sector, financial and public markets skills and experience, as well as an appropriate balance of personal qualities and capabilities. The board should understand and challenge its own diversity, including gender balance, as part of its composition.’

We focus our search for our clients on the key or specific skills you require from your Non-Exec along with our experience of understanding the importance of diversity, not only skills and gender but culture and fit for your Board. We have a clear view of how to build ‘the ideal Board’ and how to achieve this successfully.

First Flight are passionate about helping growing Companies strengthen their Boards by providing capable & helpful Non-Execs who can really add value to the business. We give expert advice to clients about what they require from their Non-Execs, we understand the expectation to deliver high-calibre, commercially experienced and diverse candidates.

For further information please contact:

Chris Spencer-Phillips

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