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Our client is an AI co-pilot designed specifically for financial advisors. Their platform leverages proprietary data and sophisticated AI technology to automate middle-office tasks, enabling financial advising practices to scale more efficiently.

The company has raised £305K to date and is looking to raise an additional £295K, they are based in London.

First Flight has already provided one Non Exec who has invested; he is the founder of Curtis Banks which recently sold for £240m+.

We are seeking three additional investing Non-Executive Directors with the following areas of expertise: 

  • Business Strategy/Growth Expert – experience with business strategy/setting up successful businesses.
  • Proven entrepreneurial expertise.
  • Possibly an IFA or former IFA.
  • An additional Non-Exec will have financial expertise to become the company’s Non-Exec FD.

It is expected that the role will require approximately 2 or 3 days per month – potentially more in the early stages. 

The incoming Non-Executive Directors will be encouraged to become shareholders in the Company with an initial investment of £25k to £50k to align their interests with that of the existing Board Members. 

Market & Opportunity:

  • The Problem: The current scaling methodology for financial advisors is flawed, with advisors spending over $60 billion per year on administrative staff to grow their businesses.
  • The Solution is SIFA's proprietary LLM model which addresses this challenge by enabling advisors to scale without additional staff, reducing costs by 90% and increasing the speed of service to clients five-fold.
  • The company’s Unique Selling Proposition lies in their proprietary data and sophisticated AI technology, which offers capabilities that other solutions in the market cannot match. This advantage allows them to provide superior service, helping more clients faster and more efficiently.
  • The founding team have proven track records further differentiates them. Roshan, an MIT-trained AI expert, brings cutting-edge technological leadership, and was the first hire and lead engineer at a start-up called Webshipper that sold for over $15m. Alan's extensive experience in wealth management (he ran his own wealth management firm within SJP that gained revenue of over £250K in under 16 months), provides an in-depth understanding of their market and clients' needs. As one of the youngest partners in St. James's Place, Alan's ability to move fast and work effectively, positions them uniquely to quickly respond to industry shifts. This unique blend of skills, makes them pioneers in the industry and sets the foundation for their superior service.
  • Business Model: the company operate on a monthly subscription model, which has allowed them to reach an ARR of £45K since they started charging in June.
  • They anticipate a robust pipeline moving forward, thanks to their rapidly growing user base and promising discussions with major wealth management firms such as UBS, St. James's Place, and FNZ to name a few. Current Status Four months post-launch, they've onboarded 210+ financial advising practices across the UK and the US during their beta phase, witnessing a week-on-week growth of 20%.
  • “Breaking News: SIFA adds 5 enterprise clients to their trial programme, rolling out a white label version for them. Post trial this could have an ARR of circa £500k+ and clearly demonstrates market validation”.


The incoming Non-Executive Directors will be encouraged to become shareholders in the Company with an Initial investment of £25k to £50k to align their interests with that of the existing Board Members. A company valuation has been professionally provided at £4m. A copy of the pitch deck will be provided to candidates who meet the criteria and on signing an NDA.

No Remuneration will be paid to the incoming Non Execs until the company is cash positive and profitable which is expected to be within 18 months. 

The company is registered for EIS & SEIS tax relief.  

Closing date for applications: 13th December 2023

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