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Non-Executive Directors (Non-Exec) with backgrounds / experience in sports science and performance sport data are required for our client in the health tech sector, supported by the Enterprise Lab, Imperial College, London and the Royal College of Innovation, London.

The business concept is to be a leader in critical endurance performance by collecting lactate data via a mouth wearable with a focus on understanding lactate concentration in amateur and semi-professional athletes, leading onto the professional athlete market.

The aim is to progress the technology into the healthcare market to monitor glucose levels, hormones and cortisol for stress management.

The company is looking to strengthen their Board with the appointment of 4-5 Investing Non-Executive Directors to contribute to the growth of the company. 

The Non-Executive Directors will be encouraged to become a shareholder in the Company to align the incoming Non-Exec’s interest with that of the existing Directors who are or plan to become shareholders.

Business Concept:

Our client was born from an experimental project at the Royal College of Art and Imperial College London. The mouth interface working prototype was supported by InnovationRCA and it was registered for the first patent. The team then evolved into a startup business where they are actively working on prototype iterations and further exploration of mouth interfaces for measuring more than just Lactate.

  • High performance athletes have to bear with blood tests for lactate which is key to evaluating their training effectiveness and health management.
  • This creates delays, causes unnecessary pain, risks infection and is relatively expensive
  • The mouth interface collects continuous data from saliva in a comfortable and secure way without the need for invasive blood tests, sending data to the cloud.
  • There is no other brand on the market that offers the same product.


Market & Opportunity: 

  • The UK market alone has a projected revenue of £480 million across amateur and semi-professional athletes, professional endurance athletes and high profile professional teams.
  • The initial market opportunity is with amateur and semi-professional athletes who are keen to try new sports gadgets. There are currently 13 million potential adopters.
  • Later markets include running, cycling and triathlon with 17,500 athletes and £42 million market potential, and high profile professional teams in football, basketball and rugby with £11.5 million market potential.


Client Proposition: 

Our Client is looking to close an investment round of £210,000 to reach demonstrator device level.

  • Total Investment sought £210,000.
  • SEIS/EIS Assurance / Yes.
  • Total Equity offered /10.5%.
  • Use of funds: R&D and pre-commercial trials.


Non-Exec Director Roles/Requirements/Expertise: 

  • Sports scientist(s) / professional(s) who has knowledge of performance sports data and diagnostics, oxygen intake, heart rate, portable lactate device.
  • You are well connected to football teams, professional players or sports physicians.
  • Finance experienced CFO/FD with commercial investment with VC or PE ideally in a sports related field
  • It is expected that the role will require approximately 2 days per month – more in the early stages.
  • The Non-Exec will be prepared to invest in the business, becoming a shareholder in the Company, to align the incoming Non Exec’s interest with that of the existing Directors and Advisory Board Members who are all shareholders. The company will be registered for the SEIS/EIS scheme which provides 50% and 30% tax relief respectively and up to 100% capital gains relief subject to status.


Closing Date: Friday, 4th March 2021

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