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We are seeking two Non-Executive Directors for our client Beakbook Ltd who are using data analytics to bring science to the process of growing livestock, starting with poultry. The company is based in London.

Beakbook have created an innovative harvest prediction tool using AI that helps poultry farmers meet “on time and on weight” requirements by forecasting weight at least 7 days in advance with 98% accuracy. The business is in revenue, with several pilot installations up and running and global interest.

The Non Execs should have the following background / experience:

  • Connections to the Supermarket industry or poultry supply chain.
  • Data analytics using AI ideally in big Agriculture or Agtech.


The Non-Executive Directors will be encouraged to become shareholders in the Company to align the incoming Non-Exec’s interest with that of the existing Directors who are all shareholders.

Market & Opportunity:

  • Our client was born from analysis work in the farming industry, which revealed that many practices in livestock production, especially in weight measurement (key health indicator) were entirely manual. The team soon evolved into a start-up business with an IoT SaaS solution that has transformed the weighing and data analysis processes.
  • Autonomous health monitoring and analytics services, using machine learning for enhanced accuracy.
  • Tech-enabled forecast services for illness detection and confident weight estimates.
  • Recently signed LOI with Nutreco, world leading animal feed company, to enable farmers to optimise feeding cycles and eliminate unintentional overfeeding which is ultimately leads to >5% of the sector’s GHG emissions.
  • Provides non-invasive system that is bird-friendly, hence reducing animal stress.
  • Achieved 98% accuracy in 7-day forecasts of bird weight.
  • The key requirement in this food chain is “on time, on weight” and the Beakbook technology enables this for all stakeholders (Integrators, Farmers, Supermarkets, Suppliers) by providing a minimum 7 day forecast with 98% accuracy – this has never been achieved before! Not only, but it’s technology more accurately determines the health of the animals, encourages exercise and thus a healthier living environment, taking the guess work out of feeding.
  • Their technology has been featured in international farming publications, such as Poultry World and AgFunder News. They have been accepted into accelerator schemes from Nvidia and Amazon for their focus on sustainability and AI.
  • They have also won a highly competitive, funded pilot (valued at over £60k) with one of SE Asia’s leading agri-food firms, which has seen them gather and successfully exploit data from over 1m chickens. They have begun to generate revenue from Pilot installations which will lead to positive cash flow in circa 6 months.
  • Globally the sector raises >30 billion chickens a year and this is expected to continue increasing. The global agricultural technology market is valued $10 billion.
  • The UK market alone produces 6 billion chickens per year and the number one producer has shown strong interest in this disruptive technology.
  • Developing countries and SE Asia in particular represent an exciting market opportunity as their global growth in meat production is exponential. Firms are seeking to optimise resource allocation via technology to ensure lower bird losses and achieve more competitive pricing by meeting “on time on weight” targets.
  • The company believes this will have a huge appeal throughout the food chain with the potential to expand beyond its initial market of poultry. As such they are looking to recruit Investing Non-Executive Directors (Non-Exec) with experience in the Supermarket industry (the ultimate client); Data analytics / AgTech and/or AI, and with a good network of connections. The successful candidates will help Beakbook with introductions to potential customers and influencers, where, through recognising the benefits of the technology, their customer base will grow.


Client Proposition:

Our client is beginning to generate revenue from its activities and has a number of exciting pilots planned arounds the globe, tapping into both developed and developing markets. Some £200k has been raised from a paid for pilot with Japfa (SE Asia’s largest Chicken Farmer) and several Angel investors. The company is looking to raise a further circa £75k to support immediate pilot opportunities and working capital. The company expects revenue to generate positive cash flow within 6 months and current burn rate is tightly controlled.

  • SEIS/EIS Assurance / Yes
  • Total Equity offered / 1.4% per £30,000 investment - £75k to be raised at £2.14m valuation.
  • Use of funds: Deploy demo model into major poultry companies. Develop and implement commercial rollout; participate in international Ag events.


Non-Exec Skills

A further two investing NED’s are required with the following skills and experience:

  • Connections to the Supermarket industry / Poultry supply chain
  • Data analytics / AI ideally in big Agriculture or Agtech.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills, for liaising with senior management, operational staff and company bankers and investors.
  • A background in high growth startup operations
  • Good numeracy and analytical skills as well as IT literacy
  • The time commitment is expected to be 3-4 days per month, more in the early stages.
  • Further information such as Pitch Deck and Exec Summary will be provided once a suitable CV and application form has been received, and an NDA signed.


Applying for the role:

For further information or for an informal discussion please contact First Flight Non-Executive Directors Ltd at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 01797 270271.

Closing date for applications: Monday, 31st July 2023

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