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Sustainable Network is a global funding and innovation platform.  The company acts as a bridge between conscious investors and sustainable businesses that operate on a triple-bottom line model of people, planet and profit.

They enable sustainable businesses to grow, providing them with the resources they need to accelerate environmental and societal impact as the world transitions to Net Zero.

Sustainable Network understand firsthand, the numerous challenges that company owners face every day in running and scaling their businesses. They feel that the people who are dedicated to changing the world for the better should be able to focus on doing just that.

They are passionate about sustainability.

  • They are proud to support companies dedicated to achieving and maintaining high standards of sustainability.  They provide their clients with specialist consultancy services to ensure that their business meets the criteria their investors are looking for when making their impact investments.
  • They are committed to their own internationally recognised “B Corporation” certification process, ensuring that their business is leading by example and that they can pass their experience and knowledge onto their clients.



Sustainable Network (SN) is seeking to add to its list of Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) a specialist in the Health and Wellbeing sector who has a focus on, or experience in ESG based outcomes. They will have been involved in technology or processes that are designed to improve Health and Well Being companies with an emphasis on ESG and/or the UN 17 Sustainable Development goals. This person would be required to carry out Due Diligence on early stage companies that SN are considering helping to raise funds. The role would require reviewing business plans and financials; evaluating the overall proposition; considering competitors in the sector; determining the ability of the management team to execute (and recommending gaps to fill) and writing a final report to SN based on a standard format, which includes a recommendation to carry out the fund raising or not.

Success as an SME can lead to a role as an NED (if the SME is interested) in the business where the review work was carried out, if an investment goes ahead.

This role pays a daily rate of between £400 and £600 (subject to background and experience) and a project will typically last 2 days (more or less time is also possible depending on the nature of the project to be reviewed and the quality of the data available in the target company). Once the successful candidate has joined the panel of Sustainable Network SME’s they will be informed when project(s) become available to review, and dates and duration will be agreed in advance.

Sustainable Network is an equal opportunities organisation that prides itself on an inclusive culture that allows employees, associates and panel members to thrive in their roles and develop as people.


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