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Advisory Board Members are required for a Hand Hygiene Technology Company to join an Advisory Board to help expand our clients’ sales through the introduction of new B2B & B2C clients, based in Middlesex.

Board members must be industry sector specialists who have demonstrable track records in identifying leads and taking them through to commercialisation and significant sales.

We are specifically seeking candidates who have an excellent network of contacts within certain target sectors – see below.

Advisory Board Members will be remunerated by commissions based on the volumes and margins of revenues generated. Share options are also available subject to negotiation.

The time commitment is flexible, as the majority of members’ time will be devoted to business development via new or existing contacts. It is anticipated that the Advisory Board Business Development Panel will formally meet on a quarterly or six-monthly basis.

1. The Company and its Market

  • Our client is a Hand Hygiene Technology company with its own IP and with manufacturing in the UK & Europe. It offers a suite of innovative hand hygiene products that complement each other and that deliver major benefits in terms of efficacy, user-friendliness and cost.
  • The company has many blue chip clients including global PLCs, the NHS and High Street retailers.
  • The company places a high emphasis on attention to detail, its reputation and its customer service.
  • The flagship product in the range is a non-alcohol based hand sanitiser, which is applicable to any sector that requires a demonstrable level of hand hygiene and meets stringent healthcare requirements.
  • The objective of our client’s Advisory Board is to identify and develop new commercial opportunities in the B2B & B2C sectors, delivering sustainable business with growth potential.


2. Business Development Panel Members Role

  • Advisory Board members, which will be made up with a number of sector specialists, will work closely with the Board in identifying leads and converting them into sustainable business. Depending on the background of each Advisory Board member, opportunities may be developed in the B2B or B2C sectors that will deliver business with considerable ongoing growth potential. The role will involve more than just introductions to potential clients.
  • The primary means of remuneration is sales commissions. Subject to negotiation, this may be combined with receiving share options.
  • An appointment will be for an initial 12-month period. This may be renewed thereafter by mutual agreement.


3. Candidate Requirements

  • The ability to assimilate the base technical details to facilitate commercial openings.
  • An excellent network of contacts in specific sectors at the appropriate level within the organisations.
  • The commitment to take each introduction through to the point of actual sales.
  • Sufficient time availability to achieve successful introductions.


4. Target Sectors

  • Transport (air, rail, sea)
  • Hospitality
  • Gyms
  • Healthcare (dentistry, opticians, vets, care homes, etc.)
  • Retail chains
  • Beauty
  • Cleaning/hygiene suppliers
  • Education


Closing date: Friday, 17th December 2021

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