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A Non-Executive Finance Director (Non Exec FD) and a Non Exec Chair are required for our client in the greentech logistics sector, SkyLifter Ltd, based in the Midlands.

SkyLifters are solar-electric air-cranes, enabling green logistics by:

  • overcoming the limitations of land-crane access.
  • exceeding all helicopter payload capabilities.
  • lifting heavier, faster, higher and environmentally friendly.


SkyLifters are a smart marriage of engineering knowledge from maritime and aerospace, aiming to deliver high-margin returns for operators and lower costs for end users.

We have recently added four Non-Execs to their Board and are now looking to appoint a Non Exec FD and a Non Exec Chair to complete the Board and contribute to their rapid growth.

The Non-Executive Directors will be encouraged to become shareholders in the company to align the incoming Non-Executive’s interest with that of the existing Directors who are all shareholders.

Business Concept:

SkyLifter Ltd was formed to exploit the unique SkyLifter design capabilities developed by leading experts from the Lighter Than Air industry. The design provides major advantages over traditional airships or balloons; with unique performance capabilities, the lifting of significant payloads (25 tonnes or more), and delivering them to site over long distances, and hovering precisely whilst construction work is being conducted.

Market & Opportunity: 

  • With a combined figure of $27.851 billion, 2019 saw the revenue of the top 20 largest crane manufacturers in the world rise 12.5% - up over US$3 billion compared to 2018’s total ranking of $24.832 billion.
  • SkyLifter’s primary target market is the Renewable Wind Industry, where £17Bn was invested in Europe alone for the construction of new wind farms in 2019.
  • The increased drive to achieve NetZero by 2050 will see a significant acceleration.
  • In addition, the older wind energy installations have reached their 25 year maturity date and require repowering, end-of-life extensions or decommissioning.


Investment Plan:

SkyLifter Ltd is currently 100% owned by the founders, who now seek to establish an experienced Board of Investor Directors to pump-prime development with investment of £200k for up to 20% of the new enlarged share capital and manage the rapid development of the company.

The investment will be structured on an EIS compliant basis.

These funds will be used to provide working capital to start the build of a Type1 SkyLifter capability demonstrator with a 1.5 tonne lift capability, for which there is strong demand, and to make the Company investment-ready for the raising of a further tranche of £3.8M. Investment organisations have been identified to fund a final tranche of £10M which will be used to bring Type1 to market and establish revenue which will fund the development of the Type2 SkyLifter with a 25 tonne lift capability.

Non-Exec Director Role/Requirements/Expertise:

  • We are seeking a Non-Executive Finance Director with experience of fundraising - ideally with an entrepreneurial approach to greentech.
  • You will have a strong conviction to a greener future and a desire to leave an impactful legacy.
  • You will be a Qualified Accountant. CFO/FD with experience in a growth company (plc not necessary).
  • You should have international business experience in one or more of the following sectors: aerospace, engineering, shipping, cranes, wind turbines, sustainable energy, oil and gas, construction, or logistics.
  • It is expected that the role will require approximately 2 days per month time commitment – more in the early stages.
  • We are also looking for a Non Exec to Chair the Board.
  • The Non-Executive Director is encouraged to become a shareholder with a minimum £25k investment in the company to align their interest with that of the existing Directors who are all shareholders. The company is registered for the EIS scheme which provides 30% tax relief and up to 100% capital gains relief subject to status.


Closing Date: Friday, 22nd October 2021

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