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A Non-Executive Chair is required for our client which is Glamorgan County Cricket Club which have a vision of ‘Making Wales Proud’ and a core purpose of creating successful teams, inspiring fans and growing the game of cricket in Wales. The role is based in Cardiff.

The Club is seeking to appoint a Chair suitably qualified and experienced to lead the new Glamorgan CCC Board.

The Chair will have core Board-level experience to lead and govern an experienced group of Board members overseeing the only professional cricket club in Wales. The successful candidate will be a natural figurehead and have good knowledge of the governance of sport and a strong interest in cricket.


The Organisation: 

The Glamorgan County Cricket Club’s Board’s role is to:

Agree Glamorgan CCC’s vision and strategic plan and ensure that the necessary financial and human resources are in place for the Club to meet its objectives

Provide leadership and expertise within a framework of effective financial control that enables risk to be assessed and managed

Set the Glamorgan CCC values and standards and ensure that its obligations to its members and others are understood and met

Maintain a good working relationship with the England and Wales Cricket Board, the Welsh Government, Cardiff City Council, Cricket Wales and our Club’s Members


Responsibilities will include:

  • the requirement to promote and protect the interests of the Members;
  • the requirement that the Board is sufficiently diverse as regards to gender and ethnicity;
  • the requirement to engage effectively with the board of Cricket Wales and to promote the development and community objectives of the Club;
  • the requirement to comply with any code issued by the UK or Welsh Government or by the ECB;
  • the requirement to ensure that the Board has sufficient skills and experience including cricketing, financial, commercial, human resources, property and legal;
  • The Chair will be appointed against a set of technical skills, knowledge, experience
  • Specific Team-working – work collaboratively with others and ensures participation across the business, as well as with key partners, to support the achievement of Glamorgan CCC objectives.
  • Communicating – communicate with others in a clear, concise and purposeful way to build effective relationships and gain support and commitment for ideas.
  • Customer service excellence – demonstrate a passion for customer service excellence to internal and external customers that benefit both the customer and Glamorgan CCC.
  • Decision making and problem solving – use analysis, wisdom, experience and logical methods to solve problems and arrive at effective solutions.
  • Delivery – complete work to high standards and continually looks for ways of improving performance.
  • Developing self and others – provide support that enables themselves and others to develop and improve for the benefit of Glamorgan CCC.
  • Leadership – proactively influence improved business practice and organisational change through implementing best practice.
  • Strategic management – provide clarity, direction and inspiration through a compelling vision of the future and what can be achieved.
  • Financial and contract literacy and negotiation – provide high level financial understanding and demonstrable contracts literacy and negotiation skills.    

The Chair is expected to:

  • Champion the Glamorgan values, promote its objectives and set the standards for the Club.
  • Establish and build a strong, effective and collaborative working relationship with the Chief Executive ensuring they are held to account for achieving strategic objectives.
  • Provide leadership for Glamorgan CCC ensuring the Club has maximum impact for its Members and stakeholders.
  • Ensure the Board Directors fulfil their duties and responsibilities as stewards of Glamorgan CCC.
  • With the CEO, represent the Club, building its reputation and influence within the Welsh Government and Local Authorities, ECB, the media, the business community of Wales and other key influencers.
  • Chair meetings of the Board effectively and efficiently, bringing impartiality and objectivity to the decision-making process.
  • Ensure the Board monitors performance and sets direction in line with governance structures. 


Non-Exec Chair Requirements/Expertise: 

The Chair will have core Board-level experience to lead and govern an experienced group of Board members overseeing the only professional cricket club in Wales.


  • The successful candidate will be a natural figurehead and have good knowledge of the governance of sport and a strong interest in cricket and its values 
  • Substantive Chair experience
  • Governance expertise
  • Sports knowledge and experience
  • Change management experience
  • Strategic planning and focus
  • Legal expertise
  • HR experience including Executive performance reviewing
  • Financial literacy


Additional information:

  • The role will require strong leadership but be part Ambassadorial.
  • Short-listed applicants will be interviewed by a Nominations Panel and the successful candidate shall be elected to serve for an initial 3-year term. The appointment shall be ratified at each year’s AGM by a simple majority of those voting.
  • Time commitment: Board Meetings are held approximately every 8 weeks, at Sophia Gardens. AGM – this is usually in March at Sophia Gardens and the date is set in advance. The Chair will be expected to attend this event.
  • Glamorgan CCC official activities: the Chair may attend official events such as presentations, domestic and some international matches and other relevant meetings. This is accepted to be on an ‘as available’ basis and is therefore not specified as number of days.
  • Remuneration: all Board Directors, other than the CEO, are Non-Executive roles and therefore voluntary and unpaid but expenses will be paid.
  • An induction process will be put in place for the Chair.

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This role will close 29th June 2018

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